Wednesday, August 20, 2008

apparently 'responsibility' is not the ability to respond

so, a mother wound up being responsible for the deaths of several poisoned children. was she acting irresponsibly when she killed them (?) because if you ask the police, she was responsible for what happened...

ooohh, i see though. she probably just acted irresponsibly to thwart the authorities because she was really responsible; like, really really responsible but she didn't want people to know that because it would mean that they would know and put her in jail.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


i think that the term 'literally' is misused to mean 'true' or 'really' when really it should just assert something as being akin to literacy. i guess for some reason, there's an association between printed language and truth....weird. it's as though anything formulated into patterns posing as thoughts is magically transformed into something irrefutable.

"She literally fell like two stories onto that car!"

" mean, like, she wrote a story about falling onto a car or...."

Here's an ex-ample bosom. kind of lacking now, isn't it?