Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Indian Accents

"If we only used chickens for their eggs - taking every egg so that they could be sold, bought, and eaten, then we would be without eggs after only one generation. chickens would not reproduce because we would've taken all their eggs.
This is what we are doing to the earth. We are taking all the oil there is and consuming it instead of consuming in a way that can guarantee we'll be able to consume for multiple generations. THis is problematic for me not because we are ensuring the demise of civilization as we know it, but because our survival up to this point has failed to avoid this obvious error. TO me, we may not deserve survival. There is something troubling in that we are unable to acknowledge the fact and change our behavior based on the fact that we could run out of our energy source. So, I do not see the use of oil in particular as some sort of evil, destructive effort on man's part but rather as a great miscalculation and, umm...great lapse in foresight and logic."
-me with a british/indian accent.
why the different voice?
it's like, "well, yea, i wrote these string part with my guitar because that's what I know how to play but the final product isn't supposed to sound like a quartet of guitars. The notes, like the words, are the same but the tone is moreso important to the overall message, isn't it? a quartet of unplugged, electric guitars, will not sound as appropriate and more specifically, as impressive as a violin, cello, viola, and bass will. The notes aren't important; how they are played is."
The words are not important. How they are said is. This is why i choose to change my voice when recording my thoughts. My thoughts are reflections of what I've heard and so I pay tribute to that by never admitting that the way I speak is a result of my own doing. I don't use my real voice and can't in a way since there's no such thing as an original thought.

chew on that fat!