Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scumm of the mid 90's Earth

Does anyone remember Sam and Max Hit the Road? Day of the Tentacle?
I'm talking LucasArts Scumm gaming circa 1993! You should download and play both of these amazing pieces of nostalgic nonsense because they are officially my favorite games of all time. If you haven't heard of them, these oh valued games that collectively shaped my pre-adolescent problem solving skills, here's some knowledge.

Sam and Max are freelance police who solve paranormal mysteries but the catch is that Sam is a dog and Max is a rabbit who doesn't wear clothes but carries things anyways. They've been commissioned by a freak show to find an escaped big foot and on the way, they learn that friendship is invaluable. And that mole people use magnets to bewilder tourists. If you're a clever person, you'll have a lot of fun figuring out what to use with what, where to use it, who to talk to, what to pick up, where to go, when to etc...
Sam & Max

Day of the Tentacle was the first computer game to have pre-recorded dialogue! (did not know that). It's about Purple Tentacle's megalo-maniacal transformation into a tentacle with arms! Imagine the possibilities when it's up to a stoner sound tech, a lazy eyed pre-med student, and the biggest nerd ever to save the world from three different places in time (don't ask). Classic Scumm and you can't even buy it anymore so download or never know the joy of blowing up George Washington's face (I've said too much). The only oversight is when Dr. Fred Edison asks you to fix the plans for his oil and crouton powered battery. The answer has to do with the serial number and the serial number changes every time you play it. You can find the answer to the serial number of your choice here:


and download the game here:
Day of the Tentacle

Now, both of these downloads are for DOS versions of the games but fear not because there is a free and fun loving conversion program called ScummVM that allows you to play these DOS games on your 21st century PC. It's really easy to navigate but make sure when bringing the game into ScummVM that you select the entire game's file that unzipped onto your desktop or wherever and not just select one of the random MDR or EXE files that make up the game (and don't try and open the zip with ScummVM. Unzip it...). Also, download for the right format and convert to the right format. If you have a Mac, don't download the ScummVM for Windows and option to make the game run on Linux. That would be silly.



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