Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i'm pretty sure i'm not louis stevens...

So, there was this assertion made on one of our tangents Tuesday that my being separate from you was an illusion; that in fact, we were one. here's a line of thought i had after hearing that that confused me.

'if we are one and if only we exist, then i don't exist; i'm just we. i assume the same thing happens to you. but if i don't exist and you don't exist, how can we exist?'

i don't know. maybe i just like having an identity and've been reading too much Huxley. Sharing myself means a class of oxygen deprived babies being shocked as they approach flowers...At least it does in my head.

BY the way, I heard the new Indiana Jones was terrible. I know a very lucky boy who went to the premier tonight. Can't say I wasn't seeing that coming but I had hopes.'re so big now.

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