Monday, April 13, 2009

BabelFish Poetry - Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1, 55-87

Is or is not, is the question:
Whether ' tis nobly suffering brains in
suspension cables and arrow's crude fortune ,
or adopts the arm to oppose the troublesome sea,
and finished them through the opposition.
To die to the sleep,
does not have;
And by said that our sleep conclusion
heartache and 1000 natural vibration
that flesh and blood were the successor:
complete is devotional wish; dies, sleeps;
Sleeps, accidentally, vainly hopes for - ay, there' s friction:
Perhaps for in dying that sleep, any dream comes,
towed this to curl at the point of death,
must give us to pause - there' s respects
to make the disaster longevity.
Who will bear the whip regarding who, and will despise the time,
Th' oppressor' s mistake, arrogant man' s rails,
Severe pain; love, law' s retards,
the office is arrogant, abandons that patient merit
It is not worth achievement,
when perhaps his final relieves makes a bare awl?
Who could the fardels bear, die loo the sound and the sweat under the weary life,
but something dreading after death, undiscovere'd the country,
does not have the traveller from the goal to return, difficult problem,
and rather causes us to bear some ill ratios
does not know to us other flights?
Therefore the conscience is the coward we complete,
and the resolution's local color
is therefore sicklied - o' Not with pale idea statue,
and the great asphalt and moment enterprise
this respects the tidal current deviation
and the lost motion name.

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