Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Five Mean Thoughts - Medieval Times

Alright, I'm doing another one because sometimes, the best way to get ride of evil is to express it indirectly. I've been thinking about medieval times a lot - humorously - but today i may have gone too far again. Into that place where wincing is just as good as laughing. So, five mean thoughts about medieval times.


1. They didn't know what mental illness was so the mentally ill were made jesters or wrestled for sport. Either way, they were always chained.
2. Having abortions meant killing your woman.
3. When men fucked their dogs, they got them pregnant cause man's seed was so primitive.
4. King Arthur was so dumb, he thought science was magic and reading a dark art.
5. Venereal disease was how children were disposed of by royalty.


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